Dinosaur cake

This was a fun cake, I had a friend ask if she could come watch me make a cake. So she came on over one night after the kiddos were in bed and we made her sons 6th birthday cake. This kid LOVES dinosaurs, and I mean he REALLY LOVES them! So of course thats what we were going to make! This was fun. It is a chocolate cake with Reases peanut butter cup filling.

We made the volcano out of rice crispy treats and formed them around a small cup and left an opening at he top. After that we covered it in melted chocolate and put it on the frosted cake. We melted orange and red chocolate melts and drizzled them down the volcano and the cake and also used some homemade piping gel.

The day of the party we put dry ice and a little water in the cup in the volcano! There you go… smoking volcano! The 6 year olds were very impressed! Some were disappointed that it didn’t explode. (maybe next time kids) 🙂


dino cake

I also made a dinosaur egg cake. I found this tutorial on pint rest and the first thing that came to my mind was dino egg!!!! I looked high and low and couldn’t find a outrage egg that wasn’t $20. That would have been awesome! Instead I used a goose egg, which are about double/tripple the size of a normal chicken egg. I then baked the cake inside the egg and painted dots on it with coco powder and food coloring.


They sent me this photo later that day when they broke it open! I wish I had baked a little dino toy inside it.







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