How to get things done with Little Bakers Around

Many people ask me how in the world do I get things done with 2 little kids running around. Baking with kids is really a lot of work and takes lots of patience.  I mean kids make HUGE messes, and they think they can do anything! I have learned a lot over the last year and my little girl has grown up a lot also.

I figured I would share our baking for the day and some tips for making cakes with little kiddos. I have a big cake project coming up monday so I had to get all the baking done for it. With kids I always do my cakes in stages! One day for baking, one day for frosting (or 2 days), one day for decorations/fondant making and so on…. It make it so much less stressful and I can take my time and give the kids the attention they need. I make my frosting in big batches and either freeze it or refrigerate it, depending on my timeline. I also bake my cakes, wrap them up really well and freeze them for up to a month.

claire with eggs

claire smile

I can’t even open the fridge to get an egg without someone causing trouble!

scott fridge

scott spatchula

I do like to involve my kiddos in the baking but I have to admit I do a lot of the baking/decorating during nap time or bed time. It goes so much faster and more smoothly. And of course its a lot  cleaner! But you can not always do stuff while the kids are sleeping, and I really like the idea of my kids growing up learning how to do things themselves.

I need to post my recipe soon. It is a no fail cake recipe that I love, love, love. I mean it is a no fail recipe that even a 2 year old can help make and I get compliments on it every time! It only takes a couple minutes to whip it up and get it in the oven!

1 black

2 black

If anyone is planning on baking with their kiddos anytime soon I would suggest to you a couple things. The most important thing is let them be involved. Second, let them make messes! Third, be patient and If they make a mistake, don’t get mad.

Yes this is my little girl cracking an egg! She is 2 years old and has a long way to go to be a master egg cracker, but not many 2 year old get to crack eggs. I mean have you ever let your kid crack an egg? She cracks it into the empty sour cream container next to her then we transfer the egg to the batter. She is awesome at making messes but she is learning! We might have also had one egg cracked onto the floor (Carpet) but again you have to let them make messes for them to learn! That’s what cleaning supplies are for anyways!

3 black

4 black

When I grease and flour my pans I let my daughter do it to a pan I don’t plan on using. She likes extra flour! She loves playing in the flour and it entertains her while I get the cakes into the pans and into the oven. Again we have flour on our floor, but it vacuum’s right up!

5 black

We had a great afternoon whipping up some cake. Too bad we live in an older apartment and our oven decided to poop out on me! Its no longer heating! GREAT! Good thing I got all of the cake baked that I needed for monday’s project.


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