Celebrating 171 years

This month marked the 171 birthday of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint’s Relief Society!  I was asked to make the birthday cake for a vintage themed party another ward was throwing. We decided to celebrate in a little/big way! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing little cakes so I decided to do a cake table of a bunch of little cakes. 11 cakes total. I was given total freedom just told to include lace/ burlap and green and yellow. I had so much fun with this project!

all cakes

The relief Society is a group of women 18 and older from all around the world who focus on building faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, emphasizing the divine worth of each sister, Exercising charity and nurturing those in need, strengthening and protecting families,  and finding nobility in motherhood and joy in womanhood, life and learning. Among many other things.

I love the relief society, all the women have taught me sooooooo much and always been there when I needed help! Im so glad that I have all of these wonderful women to look up to and learn with and to take joy in being a mother!


I wanted everything to look really nice but I also didn’t have a whole lot of time and they weren’t able to pay me a whole lot so I made fabric flowers instead of edible ones, and a couple other quick and easy decorations. All of which were made a couple days ahead of time. 😉

I cut some strips of fabric and lace and glued them to some sticks, So easy for birthday cakes. Then I just stuck one into this cute 1 inch cake.


My daughter gave me these flowers when we went on a walk the day before I made the cakes and I had to keep them. I love that spring is on its way! And I love this yellow! I used this tutorial for this yellow cake, just a smaller tip. This is a 4inch, 1.5 inch cake!

I love making little cakes over big ones any day! Can you just imagine this as a first birthday cake smash cake?!



This was a 4 inch naked french vanilla cake with Vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Yum.


I think this cake was my favorite! The relief Society is all about women and this cameo was beautiful. My friend let me make a mold of it so I could turn it to chocolate! I love how it turned out. All of the buttons I use on my cakes are made of chocolate. I really enjoy doing chocolate work. This was a 3 inch cake…

cake close up 33

And this was a 6 inch cake…. All chocolate buttons. 🙂

cake 6.5

I really loved these flags. Such an easy way to decorate a birthday cake! I would be so happy with just this cake for my birthday! Chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and frosted in vanilla. Also 4 inch.

cake close up 2

This was a 6 inch chocolate cake…. yum. Here is a tutorial for a ruffle cake.


Here is a tiny 3 inch cake…


And the last one a short 4 inch cake with chocolate button…


And I’m sad I forgot to take a picture of the yellow rose cake.

And of course I have to share a couple photos of my little helpers. To help you understand what it is like making a cake around a 2 year old I have to show you this photo….

I was making my buttercream when my son needed help with something so I stepped away for less than a minute. When I got back to the kitchen I found this. Luckily I caught her before she licked it!

m b

I did most of the decorating the night before when the kids were in bed, but the day of the party I added the small details like pearls, buttons and flowers. So that I could get some stuff done I let my daughter frost a cake herself! She enjoyed this for a hour!

claire b

After an hour she was done and went to watch bubble guppies. I thought nothing of it as she walked from the kitchen table to the living room, back and forth checking on what I was doing. A minute later I looked into the living room and noticed my daughter had carried her cake into the living room with the frosting and set it on the coffee table for my 11 month old son. So nice of her! A little scary mess wise but this was so cute. I can tell he watches me and he thinks he is a master cake decorator already. Imagine if I frosted cakes with my arm up in he air like that though, its like he is cheering himself on.

yay b

small cake b

I figure this is the best way to end a post about the relief Society. Spending fun time with my kids and enjoying life as a mother and a women and all that comes with it. I LOVE these kids so much! It is such a blessing to be a mom and to be able to serve others by making cake. 🙂

scott b

hand b


7 responses to “Celebrating 171 years

  1. These are so incredible! I love the entire collection! Especially the naked one! That style is gorgeous! I’m very impressed with your talent.

  2. I love the entire collection! Especially the naked one! You are incredible! Ps sorry if you get two remarkably similar comments, I’m afraid my fist one didn’t go through.

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