Easter Eggs The Entire Family Will Enjoy

This year I didn’t feel like dying easter eggs. I’ve never been a big fan of dying eggs but I wanted to do something fun with my daughter and family. After searching pintrest for a few ideas I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I found this and it was the perfect inspiration.

Draw on the eggs! We did the same thing for halloween on our pumpkins and my daughter LOVED it!

For family night we all gathered together, including my parents and sisters and we proceeded to draw on our hard boiled eggs! I WAS SOOOOO PLEASED at how they all turned out. At last, easter eggs that have real personality! Everyones were so different!


Here are my moms….

egg8 type

And my dads….


And Mine….


One of my sisters…..


Another sister…

sara eggtype

And of course my husbands…


And last but not least my daughters….


I laid down a plastic shower curtain from the dollar store and didn’t have to worry about getting any marker on the table. Worked great! My daughter broke a couple eggs but it was so much fun and Im sure a lot less of a mess than dye.

all group



Happy easter everyone!


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