A Baseball Baby Shower Cake

Over the weekend we threw a baby shower for a friend. Her husband played collage baseball and we thought that would be the perfect theme for a their little boy’s baby shower.

The cake was a lot of fun. It was a fondant cake which I was a little nervous about because I haven’t done many but I think it turned out pretty well. Im learning more every day and my next fondant cake (which happens to be this weekend) I already know some things I will be doing differently.


The shower was beautiful. Everyone did a great job and all of the food was delicious!




I wanted the cake board to be like grass and bottom tier to be striped like a baseball uniform, I made the top to an awesome baseball mitt and ball!

I started making the baseball mitt and glove a couple days before the shower. Me and the kids made some yummy rice crispy treats and while I carved the mitt out of a big ball of crisps with an exacto blade,  the kids enjoyed some treats for themselves.


This isn’t the best picture but this is what the mitt looked like after I covered the rice crispy glove in modeling chocolate.


My daughter enjoyed playing with her own little ball of modeling chocolate. Probably the best tasting play-dough you can find! She played for a while and then ate it! 😉 Its so much fun watching my little girl, I can tell she watches me and tries to do what I do.


After she got board of playing and I stopped sharing my chocolate with her, she decided to colore next to me on the table while I worked. Every couple minutes she asked me “what you doing mom” and “what that mom.” I would tell her and she would answer with a big “OOOOhhhhhh!”


My son played in the high chair. I would like to always post cute, happy pictures of my kids. Make it look like doing cakes with kids is all fun but I have to be honest. It is a lot of fun but it can go from AWESOME to not so awesome in a matter of seconds. Its keeps things interesting. Its hard work!



When the kids get board watching me they play a little, or maybe I should say a LOT! This is what my house looks like on a daily basis. This can happen in a matter of minutes.


While the kids destroyed the house I finished the glove. I put all the details on the mitt and ball with modeling chocolate and painted a little coco powder on to make it look a little aged. I LOVE how it turned out. I totally forgot how much I love working with modeling chocolate. It is so much easier than fondant. I put the My friends name as the logo on the glove too.


mit3The next day While I made the swiss meringue buttercream and ganache while my little boy played with a spatula and some yogurt. 🙂 I got to say this is the best toy in the world. Whenever I pull out my cake stuff the kids LOVE it!


Again while I was in the kitchen my daughter and her friend got into a little mischief.  My life is never boring! I love these kids.



I decided to ganache my cake instead of using SMB. I have read many places that is is better under fondant and after trying for myself I agree. White chocolate ganache is just 3 parts melted chocolate to 1 part cream. Once cooled it is the consistancy of thick peanut butter. Perfect for frosting with. It was actually really nice to work with and I will use it again! This is the cake covered in ganache before fondant! I love how stable it was and easy to cover. I also liked that I could ganache it the day before I planned on decorating. Any time I can spread out the work is Awesome.


To cover the bottom tier I used Jessica’s transfer method and really liked how it worked. She is AMAZING and her cakes are spectacular! The wax paper transfer method makes putting stripes on a cake so much easier! Next time I hope to make them cleaner stripes. I hand cut all of them and it was hard to get them straight and clean. 😉 Next time i will use my pasta machine. I used a half modeling chocolate half fondant mixture for the details on the cake.



18In the end we enjoyed some yummy french vanilla cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream frosted in white chocolate ganache. The middle red tier was chocolate with Vanilla SMB. Yum. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait for the cake this weekend.



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