“Hello Happy Kitty!”

This week I did another fondant cake and I had SO much fun with it. I was a little nervous but I LOVE how it turned out.

I am learning so much. I feel like this cake improved a lot from my baseball cake that I did last week and that I know more what I am doing now. My daughter calls this the “Hello happy kitty cake.” Meaning its a happy birthday hello kitty cake for one of her really good friends. 😉


This was a 6inch and 4inch chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, rasberry preserves and fresh raspberries. I then frosted it in chocolate ganache and homemade marshmallow fondant. Most of the decorations are a mix of fondant and modeling chocolate. This is the best of both worlds! It is playable and easy to work with but also hardens nicely and holds its shape. Try it, you will love it!

I think one of the best parts of this cake was that I didn’t have to do much prep work. I used the left over fondant from my baseball cake. Worked perfectly since I already had a ton of red fondant made and half a batch of buttercream! All I had to do was bake 1 batch of cake and make some ganache. The chocolate ganache was AMAZING to work with. I still like the taste of buttercream better but their is no way I could get this clean of a cake with buttercream under the fondant! The cake was nice and stable and easy to transport also.


For the stripes I used Jessicake’s transfer method again but this time I used my pasta cutter  to cut the stripes. BEST THING EVER. If you are putting stripes on a cake any time soon you NEED one of these. I got mine as a wedding gift and don’t use it often enough but I think that is going to change now. I love the stripes and it worked perfectly since my red fondant was a little dry (I think it was from the chocolate I melted into it to make it redder) and it ripped a little when I covered the bottom tier. The stripes hid that perfectly. YAY!  They are a fondant/modeling chocolate mix. These stripes are so much better than on my baseball cake.


I always start with a plan. This is what my sketch looked like. It always changes as I go but it is something to start with and helps me with the colors.


Of course I have to show some pictures of the help! 😉 They are so cute! Can I just say I LOVE being a mom to these 2 little kids. No matter how hard it is and how crazy they drive me sometimes they make me so VERY happy!



For the Hello Kitty on top I was lazy and wanted something easy and fast. I didn’t feel like making the whole thing and I saw this kitty at the local cake decorating store for a really good deal. I knew it needed to be different colors but I bought it anyways. Latter I decided to cover it in modeling chocolate to make it match the cake. If you don’t have good sculpting skills but want a fun cake topper I think this is the way to go! It worked wonderfully! I brushed the spots I wanted the chocolate to stick to with corn syrup and just stuck it on! It was a lot of fun too. I was able to focus on the details instead of covering the kitty along with everything else. To get the thin strips I used my pasta cutter on the spaghetti setting. 😉 Hello kitty looks so cute in a little dress!

I love this idea because the little girl now has a toy kitty she can play with!


While I worked on Hello Kitty my daughter sat next to me and worked on her baby’s outfit. This was such a fun activity to do with her!


She did a great job for a 2 year old don’t you think?!?




Not bad for my 6th fondant cake. I look forward to doing another one soon! Happy 2nd birthday Ev!

a bite

I think the cake was enjoyed! 😉 Have a great weekend everyone!


4 responses to ““Hello Happy Kitty!”

  1. That is incredible! The kitty dress is purrrrfect! I don’t know how you do it! I love how claire was hard at work too. And! That header at the top of the blog is soooo good. Such an awesome design and photo of your little bakers.

    • THANKS!!!! Its so much fun to have claire “help” me. She thinks she is so grown up! Thanks for the compliment on the header. I LOVE IT! I have a bunch of ideas and would love to do a new one every once in a while and have them rotate but im not smart enough to know how to get my blog to do that. lol. Someday. 😉 Thanks for following my blog!

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